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Insolvency Administrator, Bankruptcy Law

administrador concursal galicia

administrador concursal galicia, abogados galicia, abogados coruña
administrador concursal galicia, abogados galicia, abogados coruña

Insolvency Administrator. Mediation and Arbitration

With recognized prestige as insolvency administrator and experience in this area of law, accredited with the intervention in some of the most relevant insolvency proceedings in Galicia in recent years, we advise and defend the interests of our clients from all prisms of the complex insolvency praxis, both as an insolvent company and from the creditor’s position, in all phases of the insolvency. Insolvency Administrator Area Galicia

Our main services are:

  • Advice and formalization of refinancing agreements, singular agreements, anticipated agreements and request for prior notice (pre-bankruptcy). bankruptcy administrator Galicia
  • Preparation and filing of voluntary insolvency applications and subsequent legal advice and intervention throughout the procedure.
  • Insolvency proceedings. Defense in reinstatement actions.
  • Preparation of viability plans and creditors’ agreement proposals, as well as negotiation with creditors in order to obtain a favorable vote.
  • Defense of creditors in voluntary insolvency proceedings of their debtors. Recognition and contestation of credits.
  • Interposition on behalf of the creditor of the debtor’s insolvency proceedings.
  • Defense of corporate administrators, de facto administrators, general attorneys-in-fact or accomplices in the qualification section.

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