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Derecho mercantil Coruña

Commercial Law – Corporate Law

derecho mercantil coruña, abogados coruña
derecho mercantil coruña, abogados coruña

Through our team of professionals we cover all areas of the legal life of companies and commercial traffic, whether in relation to the governing bodies, partners or in relations with third parties. Our main services are:

  • Incorporation of commercial companies, amendments to corporate bylaws, increase and reduction of capital stock.
  • Restructuring of companies: Transformation, merger, spin-off, global assignment of assets and liabilities, segregation of branches of activity and design of groups of companies.
  • Partners’ agreements – Family protocols – Syndication agreements. Intermediation between partners for the formalization of these types of agreements.
  • Defense of partner’s rights. 
  • of administrators. In the double facet of defense of these before demands of the company, partners or third parties and exercise by these of actions against the administrators.
  • Secretarial functions of commercial companies.
  • Challenging and defense of corporate resolutions.
  • Advice on exits to the Alternative Stock Market (MAB).
  • Dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies. Commercial law in A Coruña