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Home - Zamorano & Peleteiro Abogados en A Coruña

Zamorano&Peleteiro Abogados en A Coruña. despacho de Abogados en A Coruña.

Zamorano&Peleteiro Abogados en A Coruña. despacho de Abogados en A Coruña.
Zamorano&Peleteiro Abogados en A Coruña. despacho de Abogados en A Coruña.


Our office, based in A Coruña, has 30 years of experience in all areas of legal practice related to the business and institutional sphere, and particularly all commercial matters with special reference to insolvency, maritime, transport and insurance sector matters; offering a new integral service, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

We prioritize excellence and dedication in serving our clients, placing a team of highly specialized lawyers at their service.


Partner director
Partner director


At Zamorano & Peleteiro Lawyers in A Coruña we offer services with the highest quality, promptness, rigor and geographical and temporal availability, aiming to meet the client's expectations and their maximum satisfaction. For many years we have being trusted by financial institutions, insurers, important shipping companies, shipyards, telecommunication companies, construction companies, etc. The availability to travel, work in changing environments, in different languages, are basic foundations of the provision of our services.

The provision of services in English and French, in addition to the official languages in Spain, is undoubtedly another very important value of our firm.

Our main specialties and branches of advice, experience-wise, are:

Commercial Law - Corporate

Maritime and Transport Law

Bankruptcy Law. Arbitration

Port Services

Insurance Law

Telecomunications and energy

Economic Criminal Law

Other Services


Zamorano&Peleteiro Abogados


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Our firm is made up of a very experienced group of professionals, prepared to solve all legal problems of our clients, wherever they need it.

Our firm has 30 years of experience in all business areas, with particular attention to finance, insurance, maritime sector and insolvency matters.

Contact Information

For any questions or suggestions, contact us.

Cantón Grande Nº 6: 15003 La Coruña.

Phone: (+34) 981 122 066 / (+34) 981 902 324

Fax: (+34) 981 913 585